Sweet Dreams

Mind creeps into darkness,
Flashes of horror,
I cannot fathom,
So I take a pill, and,
Sleep into nothingness,
Only to live in a nightmare.


Life After

I find myself falling into nothingness,
The fear has taken over.
Every little muscle movement brings darkness,
I have become a god, one of black.
No control over my world, my mind.
I feel empty, yet fearful.
My blood goes dark, just part of blackness.
My body shreds into atoms,
All the pain of this felt.
I am swallowed by the abyss of afterlife.


The creepers are coming,
OH no, they are here.
Bringing them with them darkness and fear.
I need them to leave me alone.
So scared that I break bone.
Now under my flesh and clawing.
The world is now dark and falling.
The creepers are done
My descent to Hell has begun.

I Cannot

Ever present eyes,
Piercing into my mind,
I cannot escape the watching.
Flesh begins to itch and melt.
Death looms in all directions,
I cannot escape the fear.
Clock slowly ticks,
Life’s end ever closer.
I cannot escape the fate.
Nothingness now comes,
I brought it here with me,
I cannot escape the reaper.

Life is the Greatest

There stands death, in the corner.
A shadow with eyes that freeze my soul.
Time begins to slow, skin goes numb.
A voice so low and sinister, unearthly.
I’ve seen him, stalking me at every hour.
I want to cut my eyes out with a dull spoon.
I rip my flesh to the bone.
I cannot die, only to live in pain for all of time.
A fate more horrific than Hell.
He is there, whispering horrible nothings in my ear.
I can’t find peace, only pain.
My heart beats to agony.
I feast upon my flesh, the thing that he tells me to eat.
Now I wait as the World crumbles around me.
I am swallowed by fear, and live in Hell.


The air is damp and humid.
Electricity crackles between clouds.
Air begins to swirl, ground raises to sky.
Rain turns to hail, smashing earth below.
I run in an opened field.
Waiting to leave this cursed life.
Nature will finally give me peace.

A Day At The Beach

Waves crash against rock.
Birds fly overhead.
Creatures of the sea, dance.
Wind blows the ocean.
It is my last day.
This disease has won.
I never thought life would end so soon.
To the afterlife I travel.
I walk into the watery abyss.
Take my last breath and,
Enjoy my favorite spot on Earth.