Cold Brew Coffee

I love coffee! I will be comparing all the coffee makers I have, so be prepared.  First I would like to talk about cold brew coffee.  There is no heating or boiling of water.  In fact it takes a day or two to make a huge pot of cold brew coffee.  There are many machines that make this kind of coffee but for me I made my own just by buying bowls and strainers bought at the store.  Now I will tell you how to do this method on your own.  First off, you need two 1 gallon pitchers.  You will use one right away.  Fill one of the pitchers three quarters of the way with filtered cold water.  It takes a lot of ground coffee to make this coffee, so make sure you have plenty.  I grind my own coffee with a burr mill grinder, so I can set the coarseness of my ground.  You want to have a medium coarse grind.  Now add the grinds to the pitcher, until they almost reach the top of the container.  This is the part you mess around with, this step will determine how strong or light your brew will be.  Now stir or shake the grounds until the beans are saturated.  Now you wait.  Place the pitcher in the fridge.  I like to wait about 23 to 30 hours for my grounds to brew.  Once it is to you liking, you must strain out the coffee.  There are several ways to do this.  Personally I two strainers. The first gets the bulky stuff out of the way.  Then I use coffee filters to strain out the small pieces. Obviously you must pour out the coffee in the first pitcher to make cold brew. I pour into a bowl to strain, then strain one more time as I put the coffee into the other pitcher.  This cold brew is super concentrated so you must add water when drinking.  You don’t have to drink it cold, simply throw it into the microwave and it’s ready.  Hope you like this little trick.  This is my second post, so if it doesn’t make sense or is confusing let me know, I will try better next time.  I will be posting more about coffee in the near future.  Thanks for reading.


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