My Wife

I stare into the sun until my retinas burn.
I want to burn that memory away.
How could such a joyful moment turn into horror.
We had played there for years.
Who knew the monster was real.
I saw my true love shredded in a bloody instant.
Those screams bash through my ears like a near thunder.
I cannot forget that evil things face.
A flat nose, scaly skin, razor sharp teeth, and the eyes of the devil.
After I rushed into the water to save her, all I got was her ring finger.
Upon it was the ring I had just given her a week before.
Vomit flowed like a fire hose, my love, my love.
Curse that lake and the beast with in it.
Now I walk a lonely life, with my heart that lays at the bottom of muddy water, surrounded by a beast whom took it from me.


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