Bialetti vs. Neapolitan Coffee Makers

These are both great at making an Italian cup of coffee.  What we drink here in America is called an Americano by Europeans. These makers produce an almost espresso like cup of Joe.  They both take about the same amount of time to brew.  The Bialetti has three parts, a top where the coffee comes into, the bottom where the water boils, and the middle where the coffee is put.  It is pretty simple to make.  Fill the bottom with good water, then put espresso grind coffee in the filter, finally screw on the top. Put it on either an electric burner or a gas flame with a heat plate on top.  Wait about 5 to 10 minutes and you should see coffee come out the spout in top of the Bialetti.  Don’t over brew or else you will burn your coffee.  It comes in many sizes.  The small is about 3 cups while the large is 10 or 12 cups.  They can be purchased at most stores that sell small kitchen appliances.  They range from 20 dollars and up.  When you use this maker your house will have the aroma of fresh Italian coffee.

A Neapolitan coffee maker is similar.  In this maker you have a total of 4 parts.  What is really cool about this method of brewing is that you actually flip the entire pot.  It has two pots, separated by the filter.  When you start you simply fill one pot with good water, then add finely ground beans to the filter, screw it’s top on and then place the place on the burner.  Like the Bialetti, if you have a flame you need to use a heat plate.  As the water boils in the bottom pot, steam goes into the grounds and starts the brewing process.  Once it boils you simply flip it and take it off the heat.  Now the hot water will go through the filter and brew the grounds in, what is now, the bottom pot.  Be sure to be careful when flipping because water can come out.  These makers can only be found online.  The Neapolitan taste very similar to the Bialettti but a deeper flavor.  Again the house will smell like a coffee shop.


These both make a great cup of what some might say espresso, depending of your taste buds.  They don’t produce a lot of coffee like most American machines.  Since they are so strong you only need a little bit, they really pack a punch.  A lot of machines make coffee in shorter time but these two are worth the wait, when you first start using them you’ll brew several times a day.   The strength of this coffee is determined by the type and amount of coffee you put in.  The finer the grain the stronger the coffee.  I prefer a medium roast because I find dark roast too bitter.  If you have the cash buy both and see what one you like better.  It depends on the day for me to determine what I want to drink.  Just be sure to get the actual Bialetti and not a knockoff.  My Neapolitan is aluminum but comes in different metals, this one was cheaper, but if you have the cash get a different metal or brand.


This is my second coffee post.  I know it is not great but I will get better, there is so much to cover about these makers and my mind goes wild.  Again, please comment if it doesn’t make sense or you want more info.  Also, I am not sure if I spelled Neapolitan right, if you can’t find it, spell it a different way.  I have plenty more makers and machines to cover, after all I am a coffee freak.  Thanks for reading and please comment, especially if you can help my grammar and writing.  PEACE!


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